Image Credit: Alexander Shatov

Instagram Reels Music not showing for you? Here we’ll walk you through the top tips to ensure you can find the perfect soundtrack for your short videos on Instagram.

So you want to record a short video and share it with the world through Instagram Reels? Half of the fun is gaining access to the millions of tracks in Instagram’s music library – including many RouteNote tracks – and putting a soundtrack to your moments, taking part in trends, and having fun with thousands of others.

If you’re having trouble getting to Reels or finding your music then here are some tips to get you sharing your clips and dancing to music in no time.

How To Record Instagram Reels

The first problem might be finding the place that you can record and publish your Reels from. To record a Reel simply find the + button or swipe right on the feed. At the bottom you’ll be able to scroll to the Reels button.

Tap and hold the play button to begin recording or you can simply tap it to start and tap it to end it. It should be as simple as that!

No Instagram Reels Option Available

If you can’t find the option to record Instagram Reels on your device then the first thing to do is check that your app is up to date with the latest version.

If your app is updated and Reels still isn’t showing then it may not be available in your location. Reels isn’t available everywhere that the Instagram app is. Even if you can see Reels recorded by others, you may not be able to record them yourself yet.

Instagram Reels is available in over 50 countries, including the U.S., India, France, Germany, Japan, Australia and the U.K currently.

How To Add Music To My Instagram Reels

When you’re recording your Reel you can tap the musical note to open Instagram’s library. From there you can browse the top songs that other users are recording with or search for a specific track if you have one in mind.

If you upload a Reel with custom audio using someone else’s music (not added through the Reels option) then Instagram will detect the song to provide the appropriate link.

How To Combine Music and Original Audio

Once your Reel is recorded, in the editing screen there is a slider button which you can use to adjust the audio levels. Add music by tapping ‘Add’ and then select the song snippet you want to play. Drag the sliders to adjust the levels of your original video audio and the music you’ve added.

How To Get Your Own Music On Instagram Reels’ Library

You can add your own music into the Reels catalogue making it available to millions of creators around the world. At RouteNote we offer free distribution to Instagram Reels and you make money every time someone uses your tracks in their videos.

Simply create a free account at and then select ‘Create New Release’ to upload your music. Select Facebook from the stores section and then send it to us to look over. Once we’ve approved your release it will be added to Instagram within a few weeks and will be available to users around the world for Instagram Stories and Reels.

Still Having Issues With Instagram Reels?

Facebook have a full and detailed support centre covering all of the most common issues and questions regarding Instagram Reels.