How to add stickers to your Instagram Story

Personalize your Instagram Stories with music, location, donation buttons, GIFs, polls, countdowns, quizzes, weather, emoji and more.

Instagram Stories are a fantastic way to share just about anything, including news of your upcoming release. They appear at the top of your followers feeds and stick around for 24 hours.

Stickers allow your to add an interactive and personalized element to your Insta Stories. Start by downloading the Instagram app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step One

Swipe from left to right or tap the camera icon in the top left to access Instagram Stories.

Step 1
Step Two

Tap the white circle at the bottom to take a photo, hold to take a video, swipe along the bottom for more options, or tap the square in the bottom left to upload an image.

Step 2
Step Three

Swipe up or tap the square smiley face in the top right to access stickers.

Step 3
Step Four

Choose your sticker. Once added, feel free to swipe again or tap the square smiley face again to add another sticker.

Step 4
Step Five

Tapping the sticker and/or the colour wheel at the top may cycle through different colour/display styles (depending on the sticker). Use two fingers on the sticker to adjust the size and positioning of the sticker.

Step 5
Step Six

When you’re ready to share, tap Send to > in the bottom right to choose a selection of friends to send it to, or Your story in the bottom left to instantly post to your story for all followers to see.

Step 6

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