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Become the soundtrack to the viral trends on Instagram Reels, let fans share your music in their Stories, and add your own music to your profiles when you upload through RouteNote for free.

We’ve been working with musicians big and small, all over the world for years to take their music to biggest digital spaces where they can get heard and make money from their music.

We work with Facebook and Instagram to ensure artists music can be shared on the world’s two biggest social networks and get paid fairly with every listen. On Facebook we work with their Content ID system to ensure that any time music is used in videos the artists are receiving their cut.

With Instagram there are a few different ways your music can be shared when you upload through RouteNote.

Instagram Stories
instagram stories music

Make your music available for use in Instagram Stories and soundtrack the special moments of people around the world. Instagram Stories open up a world of opportunity for your music to set the backdrop to clips and special moments in people’s lives.

Here are a few ways your music can thrive in Stories:

  • Share your tracks with fans on your artist page
  • Fans can use your music to share with their followers
  • Fans can use your tracks as the backdrop to the snapshots of their lives
  • Anyone in the world can discover your music in Instagram’s library
Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels

Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok. Bringing short form video fun that users can share with anyone in the world they have become a hub for funny clips, dance trends, challenges, and much more.

Making your music available on Instagram Reels gives you the potential to become the soundtrack for viral crazes, iconic dances, and all of the powerful shares that get viewed by millions around the world every day.

Head to www.routenote.com to sign up for free and distribute your music to the world’s favourite services for free.

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