Instagram’s Reels launches in 50 countries to take on TikTok

Instagram’s new Reels feature that’s set to take on TikTok in the game of short, fun videos has launched complete with audio, effects, and more to get users creative with videos.

Instagram have officially launched Reels, a new short-form format for people to share moments and have fun within under 15 seconds. Users around the world in all countries where Stickers are available can share their short creations with their followers and allow Instagram users around the world to discover their shorts if their profile is public.

Reels have gained their own space in Instagram’s Explore section so that users can discover popular shorts from people all over the world and share their own videos on the global stage. 

Users can create short videos and set it to music from Instagram’s huge library of content including any RouteNote users who have been approved for Facebook. Creators can also add exciting effects created by Instagram and independent creators alike as well as editing options for speeding up and slowing down clips or cutting scenes together with style.

It’s clear that Instagram is looking to appeal to the billions (yes, billions) of people around the world who have flocked to TikTok to create and watch short, fun videos. With their own new section based on creating short and fun videos Instagram looks to bolster their already huge platform with a more casual, shareable content base.

Find out more about creating and sharing reels here.

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