How to promote music on Instagram

Promoting music on social media is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to drum up support for yourself as an artist. How do I manipulate Instagram in an effective way to build my audience?

Here are some general tips for maximising your presence on Instagram.

  • Posts – Keep you Instagram updated with your actions. Whether you’ve just dropped your latest banger or your working on a new one. Click here to find out exactly what sort of content you should be posting. Remember, Instagram don’t hyperlink URLs in the description, so make sure any external links are posts in your profile bio. Throw a fan link in the bio to your latest track.
  • Stories – Stories appear right at the top of everyone’s feed. It’s often the first thing people look at in the morning. Get your content on Instagram stories. Give people a snapshot into your life. Attach your music to your story. Want it to stick around for more than 24 hours? Tap ‘Add to highlights’ when posting and it will stay at the top of your Instagram profile forever.
  • IGTV – Instagram’s newest addition and a portrait take on YouTube. Edit a vertical version of your music videos and get it uploaded.
  • Instagram Live – The moment you go live, your followers will be notified. This is a great way to make live announcements, perform live while isolated or live Q&As.
  • Photos & videos – Make sure your posting both still photos and videos on the Instagram feed and Stories. Whether it’s your artwork or a clip of your music video, vary up your style.
  • Reposts – Ask your mates to repost your content. Get them to tag you and spread the good word. Instagram don’t have a native ‘repost’ feature. Simply search your app store for ‘repost instagram’.
  • Competitions – Offer up free t-shirts, CDs or posters in exchange for follows, likes, comments, reposts, etc.
  • Sponsored Posts – If you can afford to spend a portion of your budget on ads, consider sponsoring your content. Instagram give you plenty of post types to sponsor, budget options, targeting tools and stats.

Make sure fans know you’re the real deal and apply to have you Instagram profile verified:

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