How to add your music to Instagram Reels

Instagram’s new Reels feature makes for short form fun and shareable videos like TikTok alongside their usual photos and videos content.

Just like TikTok, people are finding great music to add to their Reels shorts. Whether they want a song to dance to or they’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to the moments they want to share, music is a big part of Instagram Reels.

You can upload your music to Instagram’s library so that people can select your tracks to accompany their Reels for free at You’ll get paid each time your music is used in a Reel.

You can also upload your music to TikTok to be the soundtrack to the next dance trend which could make your tracks go viral!

There are many more opportunities for your music when you sign up to RouteNote for free so sign up today and unleash the potential for your music.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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How do I move my music to RouteNote from Songcast Music?

If you’re looking to move your music to RouteNote for free distribution or our unbeatable Premium prices then thankfully you can, easily. We pride ourselves on making music distribution easy and painless for artists everywhere…

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