Are Instagram Stories Changing?

Image credit: Jakob Owens

Instagram is currently at war with Tik Tok for dominance and this may lead to some drastic changes on the app.

It’s no secret that Instagram is currently trying to battle short-form video apps such as TikTok. Recently Instagram released Reels into the digital realm but they’ve perhaps not been utilised how they wished. Although Reels are popular and creators do use them you’re more likely to stumble across a TikTok that has been cross shared. It’s no surprise that Instagram has recently confirmed that they will be testing a vertical layout for the stories feed. 

On paper this may sound like a minor tweak but it has the possibility to totally re-shape the image sharing app. The first major change would be removing the ability to share feed posts on your stories, a function the app isn’t keen on. Which is pretty obvious to how clunky it looks in comparison to other functions on the app. 

So, what does that mean to you as a creator or user of Instagram? 

Well, basically if you’re not making video content now is the time because soon Instagram is likely to shift its focus towards video related content. 

Instagram knows it has image sharing locked down and people will continue to use it for that purpose. However, engagement with video content is much higher and as tech advances it’s becoming more accessible and popular. Instagram knows that to stay relevant it must adapt towards video content and make it a better platform for said content. 

Check out this brilliant infographic from Somewhere Soul (click image for link):

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