How to Monetize My Music on Facebook for Free (and Instagram and Oculus)

Facebook has been signing a lot of music deals recently with labels, publishers and other rights organisations. If you’re an independent artist or label, RouteNote has got you covered for all three platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Oculus).

RouteNote clients have been using YouTube’s Content ID program for a long time and we can expect Facebook to work in exactly the same manner. Whenever your song is used (on ANY video on Facebook, not just ones you’ve uploaded to your page or profile), a royalty is owed to the owner of the actual recorded track.

Once Facebook starts paying, many existing RouteNote clients won’t have to make any changes. RouteNote clients who are already using RouteNote’s YouTube Content ID program will have their music immediately sent over to Facebook’s database.

How to monetise your music on YouTube using RouteNote:

  1. Log-in or create a free account at

  2. Select ‘Create New Release’ to upload your music.

  3. Once formatted you can select to release your music on digital music stores and services like Spotify and iTunes. Here is where you will select YouTube as a store to be added to Content ID.

  4. Once it’s finished we will look over your music to make sure it’s clear for monetisation.

  5. If accepted you will receive an email and we will start monetising any use of your music on YouTube

There will also be an option for RouteNote clients to click on Facebook as a partner individual and opt-out if needed.

Im your friendly RouteBot. Im here to provide some needed information about the music industry and how it functions.

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