Amazon Music has over 55 million listeners

For the first time ever Amazon have shared details on just how many people are streaming music with them, because it’s pretty impressive.

Amazon have started 2020 by revealing for the first time ever how many people are streaming music on their services. They say that subscriptions to Amazon Music Unlimited grew by 50% last year, leaving them to close the year off with 55 million customers around the world.

Amazon have reported incredible growth worldwide, more than doubling their presence in France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico. They’ve grown nearly 50% in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan as well.

Amazon Music Vice President, Steve Boom said: “We’re proud to reach this incredible milestone and are overwhelmed by our customers’ response to Amazon Music. Our strategy is unique and, like everything we do at Amazon, starts with our customers. We’ve always been focused on expanding the marketplace for music streaming by offering music listener’s unparalleled choice because we know that different listeners have different needs.”

Talking on their future plans and tech consolidation, Boom added: “As we continue to lead in our investment in voice with Alexa, and in high-quality audio with Amazon Music HD, we’re excited to bring our customers and the music industry even more innovation in 2020 and beyond.”

Amazon technically offer 3 services now. Their longest running offering is Prime Music which comes included with Amazon Prime memberships and has helped them build a large listening-base. Compared to other streaming services however, Prime Music is very limited.

So Amazon launched Amazon Music Unlimited, a full and separate streaming service to rival the likes of Spotify. They now also offer a superior tier on Amazon Music HD for those who want to stream in the highest possible quality.

  • Starting at just $12.99/month, customers in the U.S., UK, Germany and Japan can stream the highest-quality audio on Amazon Music HD, and hear their favorite music the way the artist intended.
  • Prime members have access to two million songs at no additional cost to their membership, and for only $7.99/month or $79/year can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • With the Single device plan, customers can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited at $3.99/month to access more than 50 million songs on their Fire TV or Echo device.
  • The Family plan allows six family members to access Amazon Music Unlimited for $14.99/month, or $149/year for Prime members.
  • And, customers who do not yet have a Prime membership, or a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, can listen to an ad-supported selection of top playlists and thousands of stations for free on their favorite devices.
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