Amazon Prime Music Add SD Card Downloads and Android Wear Support

Amazon have added the ability to save music offline onto SD cards on their Prime Music streaming service, plus additional support and features.

Amazon Prime Music has been successful so far in building a large amount of subscribers however the service itself has so far slightly lacked in comparison to rivals. With it’s recent success being touted it looks like Amazon are now pushing the service with updates to catch up with the likes of Spotify.

Amazon Prime Music has featured offline playback for a while but now after many requests Amazon have added the option to download the music onto external SD cards so that you can save your internal storage. Now users can save any of the over a million songs onto personal memory cards as well the device’s own.

In addition Amazon have added support for Android Wear so that users can browse the app and control what they’re listening to from their wrists. Originally users could just control basic playback features through the Wear but now the Amazon Prime Music app is fully supported.

Amazon have also added a few other small features with a ‘New to Prime’ tab for a selection of the newest music added to the music streaming service. There is also a new popular tab to display the top charts for songs, albums, artists and playlists. Lyrics are also now available outside of the US and UK.

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    April 2016 and users are still unable to download Prime Music to SD cards. I purchased Prime after reading articles like this one. I am able to download Prime Music to my SD card, and that music will stay on there and be available for offline use…until the Kindle is turned off or rebooted, then the music is gone. I have contacted Amazon multiple times and am told the same thing by every rep: Amazon Prime Music is not able to be stored on an SD card. :/

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