Alexa can do a lot but back and forth conversations are new to Amazon Music so you can naturally find exactly the music you’re looking for.

Amazon Music have updated how Alexa works on their music streaming service to make listening more natural with Alexa refining your choices. The new Amazon Alexa can chat with users in a back-and-forth conversation so you can narrow down what playlist you want to listen to as well as telling Alexa whether you like or dislike songs that you’re listening to so she remembers.

Alexa has long been the perfect companion to music streaming, able to play music based on moods, genres and even lyrics when you tell her to. Now Alexa can provide an even more personal streaming experience with interaction that makes it easier to find exactly the playlist that you’re looking for.

Amazon Music’s director of product, Kintan Brahmbhatt said: “It’s a paradigm shift because you’re getting into conversations. Before, customers would ask Alexa to do something and Alexa would respond with music. Today, we’re shifting into deep personalisation and Alexa will have an interactive conversation with the customer. The vision and the mission is to provide a very magical and simple customer experience when it comes to discovering music and enjoying music.”

To get started with the new features users can say: “Alexa, help me find a playlist,” “Alexa, help me find music for a holiday party,” or “Alexa, help me find dinner music.” Alexa can find playlists based on mood, tempo, genre or occasion and is now capable of refining your choice using her own new powers of analytical elimination.

Alexa’s no prude and is capable of having a laugh as well. When you’re talking to her she will interject with personality adding jokes or comments to keep things interesting whilst whittling down your music choices.

TechCrunch have played around with the new features and offered some examples of how the new feature works:

Me: Alexa, help me find a holiday playlist.
Alexa: Amazon Music has a ton of merry, merry good playlists. Let’s find the right one for you. Were you thinking any vibe in particular? Relaxed or upbeat, perhaps?
Me: Relaxed.
Alexa: Relaxing sounds good. Here’s one of my more popular Christmas playlists, Christmas Choirs.
[A sample of the playlist’s music begins]
Alexa: Will that work?
Me: Let’s do something else.
Alexa: Alright. Try this.
[Another playlist begins]
Alexa: An Irish Christmas. How about that?
Me: Nah. Something else.
Alexa: Okay. You might like this.
[A third playlist begins]
Alexa: Christmas Oldies. Will that work?
Me: Okay, that’s cool.
Alexa: Great. Happy Holidays.
[Music plays]

Any Alexa powered device playing Amazon Music can now chat with you about your music. Amazon say that in the near future they plan for Alexa to be able to recommend music as well.