What is Spotify Live? Spotify Greenroom rebrands

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Spotify’s Clubhouse alternative Greenroom is moving into the Spotify app, and getting a new name. Here’s how to experience the live audio.

Spotify Live is the new name for Greenroom, Spotify’s live audio platform which launched last year. As well as remaining as a standalone app, the audio feature has also moved into the Spotify app alongside music and podcasts.

With the move focus will be on allowing artists and podcasters to co-ordinate conversations, which subscribers can listen along with live in the app.

Spotify Live seems a more apt name than Greenroom. The platform features “Rooms” and groups with speakers and listeners.

The change was previously reported by Bloomberg after spotting code in the Spotify iPhone app. According to Bloomberg, the changes had been set to come at some point in the second quarter of 2022.

New live shows launching in April and May within the app include Alex Cooper’s evening talk show After Hours, a release party for Swedish House Mafia’s album Paradise Again, and Off the Record with DJ Akademiks, a live version of the existing podcast.

Image Credit: Spotify

For artists on Spotify, Spotify Live offers potentially exciting opportunities for artists to connect with their fans. Think fan Q&As, live performances, or chats with other artists. The Paradise Again release party, for example, is live rather than accessible after broadcast, available only for those fans in the know.

How to listen to Spotify Live

To listen to Spotify Live users head to the hub, which displays the livestreams due next on Spotify, and tap the LIVE banner to listen to whatever show they want.

A selection of live audio will be available in the main Spotify app, whilst independent creators can only go live themselves in the Spotify Live app.

To participate in a conversation meanwhile, users need to use the separate Spotify Live app, not Spotify itself.

Spotify Greenroom
Image Credit: Spotify

Why has Spotify Live rebranded?

Spotify will be hoping the rebrand kicks some life into the platform’s rather lacklustre effect so far. Greenroom was originally sports-focused platform Locker Room, which Spotify purchased at the height of the Clubhouse boom.

The live audio platform trend, spurred on by listeners looking for entertainment in pandemic lockdowns, spawned Clubhouse clones from everyone from Reddit to Twitter. But the hype has since died down.

Users have struggled to connect with the concept of Greenroom whilst it’s been disconnected from the main Spotify app, and connecting the two will make Spotify’s live audio offshoot easier to find and introduce it to more users.

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