Artists can now stream their virtual concerts to fans and listeners around the world on Amazon Music through Twitch.

Amazon Music will now be livestreaming music through their owned livestreaming platform, Twitch. The new integration lets artists with Twitch channels easily set themselves up for streaming through Amazon Music for Artists.

When it comes time for an artist’s next virtual concert on Twitch, their stream will then be available for all Amazon Music users as well. The stream will show up on the Artist’s Amazon Music profile page on the mobile app.

Fans and followers of artists on Amazon Music will also receive alerts when those artists are going live on Twitch so they don’t miss a thing. Over 1000 artists have already connected their Twitch accounts to Amazon Music, says Amazon Music Director Ryan Redington.

Redington said: “We’re providing artists with more tools to instantly engage with fans, and this new feature couldn’t arrive at a more crucial time. Together with Twitch, we’re making it possible for artists across all genres, at all moments of their careers, to harness the social power of live streaming to create more engagement with their recorded catalogue.

The combination of live streaming, coupled with the on-demand playback of songs on Amazon Music is groundbreaking.

Director of Amazon Music, Ryan Redington

Twitch’s Vice President and Head of Music, Tracy Chan said that this new integration is part of their ongoing goal of connecting creators with fans. He adds: “Especially now, in a time when traditional venues are closed and tours have been cancelled, musicians are looking for new ways to continue creating, connect with fans, and build community.”

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