There are now almost more music streaming services with podcasts than without and it looks like Amazon don’t want to be left behind in the huge podcast boom.

Spotify, Deezer, Pandora – these are just a few of the world’s favourite music streaming services with podcasts available alongside huge music libraries. As podcasts only become more and more popular other services are eyeing them up for their music platforms, and it looks like Amazon could be next.

The Desk reported the news, claiming that they’ve obtained a copy of an email that seems to confirm the new content coming to Amazon Music. The email reportedly confirms that both Amazon Music and Audible users would soon be able to subscribe, download, and stream free podcasts on both services.

Amazon have reportedly been in touch with some of the top podcast producers to sign them on to their platforms before launch. However Amazon have not seemed to specify, at least in the details gathered by The Desk, when they might launch podcast content.

Podcasts will be a great addition for the company who leads the smart speaker market with their Echo speakers. Whilst podcasts have been available through other third-party apps it will no doubt be to Amazon’s gain having the option to go directly through entirely Amazon services and products.

The report suggests that podcasts will also be available to free Amazon Music users as well as subscribers. Audible currently offers a limited range of Audible exclusive podcasts but this move seems to be an effort to integrate the many popular third-party podcasts available online onto their platforms.