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Keep control of your music on Spotify by claiming your free artist account.

Firstly, congratulations for releasing your music on Spotify! But putting your music online through a distributor like RouteNote is only the first part of your artist journey.

To maximise the promotion of your tracks to the whopping 365 million people who listen on Spotify each month, be sure to claim your free artist profile from Spotify for Artists.

What is Spotify for Artists?

Spotify for Artists is a hub for artists who have music on Spotify. It offers tools for you to dig a little deeper into who exactly your fans are, and lets you change how you appear to users on Spotify.

You’re more likely to turn listeners into fans by presenting yourself on Spotify in a proactive way, and if you use analytics smartly to best promote your music.

How do I claim my Spotify artist page?

It’s easy to claim your Spotify artists account. Just head to to get started.

See your listener stats on Spotify for Artists

Within the artists hub on Spotify for Artists you can learn who is listening to your music. There’s useful stats like whereabouts they are in the world, which is particularly helpful when it comes to planning shows and getting local radio plays.

Discover song data

How’s your song doing out there? Data on your artists account shows how many streams your release is getting. You can see the difference your promotional decisions are having on streams, such as using a Marquee.

Profile personalisation

Your artist profile on Spotify is the heart of your music online, so it makes sense to have it looking as fresh as possible. Start by keeping your profile image regularly updated so your listeners know you’re proactively making new music, and make use of Spotify Canvas to add a moving image to your releases.

Choose an Artist’s pick, which can be a song or playlist that you love or that you feature on, that will appear at the top of your page, and add concerts so fans can keep up to date of where you’re playing next. You can also organise your merchandise.


The Spotify for Artists dashboard is where you’ll pitch your releases to be included in Spotify’s editorial playlists. It’s also where you can add your own personalised playlists, as well as your favourite playlists by other artists.

Invite the team along

Multiple users can access the same Spotify for Artists account, which makes it fantastic for bands or artists with a team behind them like management and PR. In Spotify for Artists, click “Manage Team” on the menu by the arrow next to your artist name to invite your team.

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