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Improve your career as an artist with epic Spotify in Focus website

Ready to learn? Spotify In Focus is a huge new website offering Spotify artists support and advice to help you further your career as a musician.

New TuneCore pricing – how does it compare?

With new changes to its price packages, is TuneCore free now? It’s certainly not the only music distributor offering unlimited releases.


    Hi !
    How can i claim my RouteNote Spotify account?
    Which is distributed by RouteNote!
    I want to change my profile pic, bio and all…

    Hi, you will need to sign in to Spotify for Artists and claim your account. You can do this by signing in to a Spotify profile and heading to artists.spotify.com

    Hello, the problem I am having is I cannot change my profile picture without using spotify for artists, meaning I cannot identify which name is mine in the large list.

    Hello, you can claim your Spotify artist profile free and easily at artists.spotify.com. If your releases have been merged with another artist then please get in touch with us at support@Routenote.com and we can get that fixed for you.

    Hi, on signup, you need to verify social media, but I don’t use Instagram or Twitter. Is there any other way to verify, such as a link to routenote under “Or, paste a link to the artist’s website.”

    Hello, you don’t need to connect your social accounts to sign up to RouteNote. If you mean that the team have asked you to get in touch through your artist’s social media account to verify your identity, and you do not have one, then please let us know at moderation@routenote.com.

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