Amazon Echo gets contextual commands like “Alexa, play music for working out”

Amazon’s home speaker just got a lot better with Alexa’s ability to understand moods and context for playing music.

Amazon have updated their popular home speakers’ artificial intelligence Alexa with a whole new understanding of your music requests. From today you can ask Alexa to play you music for meditating, going out for a run, a romantic dinner, post-romantic dinner fun and much more.

According to Amazon they have added over 500 activities that you can request music for including a wide range of scenarios. Some commands Alexa has been programmed to respond to include “getting pumped”, “Hooking up”, and “baby making”.

You can also specify what sort of music you would like that will also accompany your activity. So if you’re sick of all the EDM playing for your workouts, just tell Alexa “play rock music for working out” or whatever your choice and the Echo speaker can select contextual music based on a genre.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, the new features are only available as a subscriber of Amazon Music. If you are a subscriber though you can access the new functions on any Alexa-powered device right now.

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