Image Credit: Amazon Music

Let’s walk through how to make an Amazon Music playlist.

Creating playlists on Amazon Music is easy.

First things first – before adding songs to your playlists, check that Online Music is selected because changes made in offline mode won’t be saved, and your carefully curated playlist will be lost.

How to make playlists on Amazon Music mobile apps

  • On iOS or Android, tap the three dots beside the song you want to add to a playlist
  • Tap Add to Playlist > Create New Playlist
  • Choose a name and hit Save
  • You can drag and drop songs to change the playlist order – tap the three dots by the playlist and hit Edit

How do I make a playlist on Amazon Music on Windows or Mac?

On your computer, you can either use the website or download the Amazon Music app.

  • Open the Amazon Music app and bring up My Playlists from the side menu
  • Click + Create New Playlist, enter a name and click Save
  • Hit Explore & Add
  • Find the music you want to add to your playlist and click the three dots More Options menu, and click Add to Playlist
  • Choose the playlist you had in mind

Alexa device users can ask the voice assistant to add a song to a particular playlist, whilst Firestick TV users will need to make their playlists within the Amazon Music app.

Wherever you’re creating your mix, you get a 500 track limit on your playlists, which should be enough… right?

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