Amazon Prime Music is now supported by Sonos for streaming straight to a Sonos device.

Amazon is starting to cement itself as a serious player in music streaming. Only a few weeks ago Amazon made a deal with Universal Music Group (UMG) that brought artists from Lorde to Katy Perry to Amazon’s music streaming service and now Amazon is in a beta of Sonos support.

Sonos, which uses WiFi to stream music from apps and computers to Sonos speakers, has seen support with many of the major streaming players like Spotify, Google Play and Rdio. Now users with an Amazon Prime subscription will be able to add music from Prime Music allowing you to stream Amazon’s curated playlists, Prime Stations as well as any music you can find on the service.

This marks a noble move for Amazon who already have their own range of streaming WiFi speakers, Echo. However rather than keep their exclusivity Amazon are opening up their streaming service for all Sonos owners.

Amazon Prime Music was recently found to have the most subscribers for a paid streaming service in the US. However it is unclear how many subscribers use the service as it comes bundled with Amazon’s other Prime offerings – one day delivery and Amazon Instant Video. Originally seen as just a nice addition to an Amazon Prime membership Prime Music is becoming a more well rounded service as Amazon expand the service and bring in more partners.

Apple Music is now the odd streaming service out as it remains incompatible with Sonos devices, however it only released in June and Sonos say they plan to integrate Apple Music by the end of the year.