Image Credit: Amazon

Amazon are making use of the fact they own both a huge marketplace and multiple streaming services with the introduction of merchandise to certain artist’s pages.

Certain artists on Amazon Music will now have merchandise offerings on their music page. Using Amazon’s marketplace fans will be able to explore artists’ merchandise next to their music and videos, offered direct through Amazon’s own marketplace.

Merch will be taken directly from their Artist Merch Shop on their marketplace, marking a first for listeners to “discover new music, watch live streams, and browse a curated, Prime-eligible selection of an artist’s merch, vinyl, and more – all from the Amazon Music app”.

It’s not just a silent new feature for limited artists. Amazon are celebrating the launch of in-app merch with exclusive collections from a number of artists including a new line from Selena Gomez celebrating her upcoming EP and exclusive offerings from Weezer.

Amazon will be offering certain exclusive products from artists that will only be available through their store. Exclusive offerings feature new merch from Gwen Stefani, Metallica, Queen Naija, Pentatonix, and Florida Georgia Line, and Queen.

Amazon Music’s Director of Artist Product and Services, Sean McMullan said: “Fashion is an inseparable part of of music and culture, and with the addition of merchandise to the Amazon Music app, we’re making it easier for artists to connect with their fans through our app.

It’s long been Amazon Music’s mission to strengthen the connection between artists and fans, and today’s launch furthers that goal by uniting streaming audio, music videos, live streams, podcasts, and now merch under one roof for the first time.”

Weezer spoke of their excitement at having a direct shop placed on their artist page with an exclusive line of products, saying: “Since the pandemic has temporarily eradicated the merch table, we’re really excited to have developed an exclusive collection of offerings with Amazon Music to bring the merch table directly to our fans. We can’t wait to see everyone back on the road when it’s safe again to tour.”