Image Credit: Campaign

Amazon Music continues its push into immersive and spatial audio with partnership with Metropolis Studios.

Amazon Music has shown it’s looking to expand its immersive sounds and spatial audio capabilities by forming a content partnership with Metropolis Studios, an independent studio based in West London. The studio has recently added a 3D audio facility and will become the streaming services UK-based HQ for immersive mixing.

Metropolis worked with content expert Sonosphere on the design of the new studio as well as the specifications to help support its creative mix workflow. Loudspeakers have been installed around the room at 30 degrees separation with the studio having immersive audio monitoring designed to cater for all surround formats, including Dolby Atmos. The placement of the speakers helps create the 360-degree spatial audio, meaning that the sound of each instrument will come from its location, meaning the listener will feel surrounded by the music.

Artists who have partnered with Amazon Music to create immersive mixes are The Amazons, Emma McGrath, James Ried, and many more. The aforementioned mixes will be available late summer and boast Amazon Music‘s continued expansion and investment into 3D audio formats.

Speaking on the partnership Patrick Clifton, head of music, Amazon Music UK, told Campaign: “We have a belief that music fans want to listen to music in the highest quality possible. Any work we do to ask fans what they want always tells us that high-quality audio is really important to them and this technology now allows us to offer that.

“We also know that artists want their fans to hear music in the best quality possible and are always excited to deliver their music as it’s intended to be heard. It blows me away, its ability to capture so much more emotion in the music than we’re able to do in stereo.”