The X-Ray feature on Amazon Music shows lyrics in real-time. Now Amazon add trivia for songs with the feature.

X-Ray on Prime Video shows many facts alongside the streamed video such as a list of actors on screen, actor’s bios, background information and more via IMDb. The feature has been available on Amazon Music for some time, showing lyrics in real-time. Much like Spotify’s info from Genius, Amazon are adding extra behind-the-scenes info about the song such as artist’s backstory, the song’s release date and its top spot on the Billboard chart.

The feature can be accessed by simply swiping up on the X-Ray icon on the now playing screen. Swipe through each fact or tap Credits at the bottom to see a complete list of who worked on each track.

The additions to the feature is available globally, across “tens of millions” of songs, with extra “fun facts” for popular songs in the US and UK. No word yet on where Amazon are getting this info from or whether you’ll be able to add piece of info on your own tracks.