Amazon spreading Prime Music’s reach with their expansion into India

Amazon are taking their music streaming service across the pacific to launch Prime Music in India.

Amazon are introducing the smaller of their streaming services to India after new partnerships with 2 of India’s biggest music labels. Prime Music will soon be available to all Amazon Prime members in India, offering a vast library of music to stream unlimited.

To launch Prime Music in India Amazon have created deals with Indian record labels Saregama and Zee Music. The deals will allow Amazon to license and stream music from both labels which includes Saregama’s catalogue of classic Indan music as one of the country’s oldest labels. With vintage music still highly popular in India the deal with Saregama should have a big impact on Prime Music’s arrival.

Director of Amazon Music in India, Sahas Malhotra said: “At launch, Amazon Prime Music listeners will enjoy hundreds of especially hand-curated playlists across their favourite eras, genres, and artists.”

Prime Music is the original streaming service from Amazon which they offer as a free extra with an Amazon Prime subscription, which gives you next-day postage, a Netflix-like video service and more. They also offer a stand-alone, premium music streaming service called Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Prime Music comes with over 2 million tracks and a bunch of playlists and stations from Amazon’s music staff. Amazon Music Unlimited is a full service that offers a similar experience to Spotify with a comprehensive music catalogue and thousands of curated selections. In addition Amazon Music Unlimited is available cheaply for streaming through an Echo device only, at a discount for Prime members, or the standard cost of $9.99 a month for non-Prime members.

Amazon Prime Music will launch for Prime subscribers in the coming weeks.

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