How much is Amazon Music a month?

Can you get Amazon Music without Prime? What is the difference between Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, anyway? Find out the price of Amazon Music and stream away.

All the different music streaming services offered by Amazon can seem confusing. How much is Amazon Music a month?

How much does Amazon Music Unlimited cost?

Let’s start with Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon’s premium streaming service costs $7.99 with Prime membership, $9.99 without. In exchange you get access to 75 million songs. Amazon Music Unlimited also offers a Family Plan for $14.99 and a Single Device plan for $3.99 if you’re streaming on an Echo Dot or Fire TV. Students pay $4.99 a month.

But Amazon Music Unlimited isn’t the only music streaming service from Amazon. Amazon Music HD, which is $7.99 ($9.99 for non-Prime users), is the same price as Amazon Music Unlimited. Previously separate, Unlimited users can now upgrade to Amazon Music HD for free. You get everything Amazon Music Unlimited offers, but with playback in high definition lossless audio.

HD subscribers also have access to some tracks in 3D sound, with Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio from Amazon Echo Studio.

What is Amazon Music Prime?

Then there’s Amazon Music Prime. That’s the music service that comes bundled in with an Amazon Prime subscription ($119 a year), at no extra charge. It offers two million tracks, music stations and curated playlists. Like Amazon Music Unlimited, you get offline listening and unlimited skips – just less songs.

How do I get free music from Amazon?

Amazon also offers free music streaming, a service which isn’t always easy to locate. Amazon Music Free lets you stream music on stations and in playlists, with ads, without giving your credit card details. You’ll have to create an Amazon account to get free access.

If you’re looking for free music, you can also get a free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited and see what all the fuss is about.

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