Are Amazon Releasing a Standalone Music Streaming Service?

Rumours from the New York Post suggest that Amazon Prime Music might be taking the bundle out of their bundled music streaming service.

Amazon, currently the 7th biggest tech company in the world, look set to expand their Prime music streaming service by offering a completely new one. As it stands their current service offers a modest 1 million-or-so tracks, a nice addition to Prime for casual listeners but not enough to draw in music fanatics.

Reportedly Amazon are aware of that divide and have begun discussing introducing an entirely separate music streaming service. As the biggest seller for physical music, and the second biggest seller of digital music, in the US it’s easy to see why Amazon would want to stake their place in what is quickly becoming the biggest platform for music consumption – on-demand streaming.

Amazon’s vice president of digital music, Steve Boom said to Billboard in October: “If I’m an artist and I want to reach fans of my music, and I recognize that people like to interact with music in different ways, we’re really the only place that touches all of the different formats.”

The current service comes bundled with an Amazon Prime subscription which, for an annual fee, also gets you a video streaming service in the vein of Netflix and free one-day delivery. With a separate service just for music streaming Amazon look to bolster their music catalogue with a much larger selection as competition like Spotify features roughly 30 million tracks.

According to the New York Times’ post a music industry insider said: “The music industry wants to see all the tech giants fighting it out to try and really take streaming to the mainstream.” Having said earlier this week that the company doesn’t want to compete with major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music news of this new service suggests otherwise.

Current reports claim that Amazon are discussing a $9.99 monthly charge for a standalone service with the potential for a $3-$4 discount when purchased with Amazon’s Echo speaker. Though at a price that would end up costing more than the bundled Prime price of $99 a year some sources suggest this price may be too high for Amazon’s target audience of “mainstream listeners”. Rumours are predicting an Autumn launch for the new service.

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