Amazon Music are growing quicker than any other streaming service

While Spotify and Apple Music continue their world domination it’s another music streaming service that is growing quicker than any other.

New trends analysis from eMarketer suggests that Amazon will be the fastest growing music service in the US this year. They reckon that Amazon Music’s growth will continue it’s trend through to 2023.

Amazon Music will cross 35 million monthly users reports eMarketer at a growth of 17.7% year-on-year. They say that this growth will outstrip the growth of any other services in the US, even music streaming giants Apple Music and Spotify. This is even with Spotify expected to grow to overtake Pandora’s presence in the US within 2 years.

Whilst Amazon don’t have the biggest userbase by a long shot, it’s their growth which is so notable. Rivals growth is still impressive but eMarketer has found that it simply doesn’t match up to Amazon’s intake of new subscribers.

Amazon’s users gain a big boost thanks to Amazon Prime subscriptions, which come with their music service. A study shows that more than half of all the households in the US will be Prime members this year. It doesn’t represent the music service’s popularity that accurately as 83% of Prime members say that their favourite membership benefit was free, 2 day delivery.

eMarketer principal analyst, Nicole Perrin said: “Amazon built a massive ecommerce business and popular loyalty program, and in recent years has been bulking out Prime to be more of a lifestyle than a free shipping offering. Prime members are valuable customers, with a history of spending more than average. And while they may not be reachable while listening to music, they’re reachable through Amazon’s search and display ad products when they shop – which is frequently.”

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