Amazon just launched Prime Music in Australia

Australians just gained even more of a reason to sign up to Amazon Prime as their bundled music streaming service just launched following Prime’s launch earlier this year.

Earlier this year in June, Amazon launched their Prime subscription package, offering next day delivery and TV/film streaming on a Netflix-like service. Now with Prime Music launching as well the package matches it’s entertainment bundle offered in other parts of the world.

Prime Music offers ad-free listening to their catalogue of music with unlimited skips and full integration with their Alexa artificial intelligence. Users can ask Alexa to play artists, playlists and even ask her to cater to your mood by telling her to play happy or relaxing music, for example. Amazon are launching a new ‘Made in Australia’ playlist on Prime Music to celebrate their launch in the new territory and will feature new covers of songs by popular Australian artists.

Amazon Prime is nearer it’s complete package with the arrival of their music streaming counterpart for it, but it’s not Amazon’s only music offering for Australia. Amazon Music Unlimited, their dedicated music streaming service which doesn’t come packaged with anything else, has been available in the country since it’s launch at the end of 2017. Amazon’s ‘head of Prime’, Evan Graj says that they are looking into other ways they can expand Prime’s offerings in Australia.

Graj said: “The addition of Prime Music to the already extensive entertainment and delivery benefits is just the beginning and we look forward to continuing to grow the experience for members over the coming months and years.”

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