Amazon Prime members get access to over 100 million tracks, here’s how to choose what you listen to.

Subscribers to Amazon Prime get access to their entire music catalogue, containing over 100 million tracks. What’s the catch? You can’t listen to on-demand music, instead having to listen through music in shuffle mode.

Thankfully there’s a trick to listen to the music you want as a Prime subscriber. It allows you to listen to between 15-50 songs of your choice at a time without the intrusion of any random, shuffle-based songs.

Prime Music listeners have access to 15 All-Access playlists, playlists largely created by Amazon’s curators. However, one of these All-Access playlists is available based on one your own, eligible playlists.

Amazon will automatically pick an eligible playlist from your library to be your All-Access playlist. If you don’t have one then you will be given the option to create one, adding 15 to 50 songs of your choice.

With this playlist you can then listen to the music you want, albeit a limited number of tracks. There is another catch: You are only allowed to make 10 changes to your All-Access playlist in a day.

There are some other restrictions, such as All-Access playlists shuffling when playing through Echo devices. However, users are able to listen to their All-Access playlists offline.

You’ll find an ‘All-Access’ badge on your playlist so that you can spot it easily.

On-Demand Albums This Week

Amazon are launching a new section for Prime Music listeners, allowing them to listen to a select album from a top artist on-demand each week. Together this gives Prime subscribers a lot more to work with on their included music platform, though its still heavily limited compared to On-Demand music streaming services.