Music subscriber market share from Q1 2020 shows Spotify on top, followed by Apple Music and Amazon Music

The latest data from MIDiA shows which music streaming services hold what percentage of users and the growth of music streaming in 2020.

Streaming as a whole has grown in 2020 with 400 million subscribers, up 30% from Q1 2019. 93 million net new subscribers in 2020, with 77 million added in 2019 over the previous year.

Spotify still remain king of streaming, with Amazon and Apple showing impressive growth.

Spotify hold 32% of the streaming market and has remained between 32-34% every quarter since 2015. Apple Music at 18% is down slightly from 21% in Q1 2019. Amazon Music at 14% is up from 13% one year earlier. Tencent Music Entertainment control 11% of subscribers, depite being almost only in China. Tencent’s reported 14 million subscribers in Q2 2020, is up from 6 million last year. Google hold 6% across Google Play Music and YouTube Music, up from just 3% in Q1 2018.

The report also details the following:

  • YouTube Music is resonating with Gen Z and younger Millennials
  • Amazon Music is bringing older audiences to subscriptions
  • Spotify and Apple Music are the mainstream options
  • Deezer is enjoying success in emerging markets – Brazil especially – with pre-pay mobile bundles

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