How to see your music’s analytics and trends in real-time on ‘Amazon Music for Artists’

Amazon for Artists gets you in touch with your audience, how they’re listening and helps you plan your music marketing.

Much like Spotify for Artists, Amazon’s new platform lets you get behind your music and see data in real-time. Their new app allows you to sign up to the service currently in beta and track the performance of all your music on Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music from your pocket.

Simply download the app for iOS or Android now and fill in your details.

In-depth analytics show you how many streams your music is getting, where your fans are coming from and how people are listening to your music. With real-time statistics you can advise your future moves like which playlist influencers to get in touch with based on the playlists you’re finding popularity in.

Take a unique look at how you and Alexa are working together as a team: You can see trends on how people are using the voice assistant to find and listen to your music.

Updating your artist profile image

If you want to change the image that comes up for your artist profile then get in touch with Amazon at with a link to your artist profile.

It must be a landscape image and at least 3840 pixels wide + 2880 pixels tall with the focus of your image in the top half of the image.

Unfortunately we don’t currently know how long it will take for artists to hear back from Amazon. Some are reporting that 
the sign up page doesn’t work within the app. The app is currently in beta and if you come across any issues these will 
hopefully be resolved in time.

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