80% of TikTok users discover new music from the app

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TikTok is absolutely huge and it’s empowering content beyond the short videos on their app. TikTok claims that they are the number 1 place for music discovery.

TikTok is unavoidable now. It’s such a highly influential app that not only does it have billions of users, but similar apps like Triller are blowing up and huge platforms like Instagram and YouTube have launched their own similar features in Reels and Shorts.

In a recent study undertaken by TikTok themselves, they have looked at the cultural impact they have with such a huge portion of the world on their apps creating and watching every day. Specifically, TikTok endeavoured to find out how a number of users across France, Germany, Italy, and Spain interact with music on the app.

Their study revealed that 80% of their surveyed users “discover new music on the platform and that it is the number 1 place for music discovery – more than other digital platforms, streaming services and friends”. An incredibly bold claim considering the potential for music discovery on platforms like YouTube and the emphasis on discovery through playlists and recommendations on the top streaming services like Spotify.

If the findings are true, it’s likely thanks to the accessibility of TikTok. Users will head to Spotify if they want to listen to music specifically, but viewers of TikTok will head there simply to browse, see what’s new, and chill out. TikTok revealed that 56% of the discoveries are made from the ‘For you’ section which presents users with content that their algorithm has decided is most appealing to them.

Music is huge on TikTok and the app has the potential to push artists to the forefront and break new music. With a vast music library – including RouteNote artists – any TikTok creator can explore a huge library of tracks and use them as the soundtrack to their videos. This has bred huge trends where users all do a dance to a track or memes that use a specific song as the soundtrack. This has led to the mainstream success of many artists in recent years.

According to their study 4 out of 5 users are more likely to share a video if it has some nostalgic element, hence why the guy skating listening to Fleetwood Mac became so massive. In general they found that almost half of their users add new music they discover on the app to their favourites. Roughly 46% look at the artist’s profile after hearing them and 43% then follow them.

It’s clear that TikTok is here to stay and its effect on the music industry is irrefutable. If you’re an artist looking to make your music available on TikTok with the potential to reach millions of new listeners on creators videos then look no further. You can distribute your music to TikTok for free with RouteNote and get paid every time your music is used.

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