RouteNote partners with FLO to take artists further in South Korea

South Korea loves music and now even more listeners can fall in love with your tracks with Free and Premium distribution to FLO. FLO is one of South Korea’s biggest music streaming apps offering listeners…

Your music is now playing on Facebook Gaming streams

What’s better than a great gaming stream? One with a killer soundtrack and with the expansion of music on Facebook Gaming you could be the sound of gameplay heard around the world.

YouTube Music reach a milestone with 50 million subscribers

Image credit: YouTube Music YouTube’s music streaming service YouTube Music is gaining subscribers and catching up to Apple Music and Spotify despite being new on the scene. YouTube has been a music hub for years…

Spotify’s new playlist is a music taste test with friends

Music is best when its shared and Spotify Blend is the perfect playlist for you and someone close to share in your own unique tastes together.

The best synth VST free plugin for 80s synth rock

Create the perfect 80s and 90s sounds for synth music with Monica 3, an amazing VST synth module with a sequencer and synth keyboard.

The history of music: How music has changed in the last century

Music has evolved rapidly and in many different ways in the last century. What happened and where do artists and labels stand today? This quick, complete recap brings it together in simple terms. Music has…

Apple to launch a new streaming service playing only classical music

Apple are launching their first genre-exclusive app and it’s all about classical music, promising an app dedicated to music and its finer details.

Get a YouTube Sync license

Artists streaming on YouTube could be earning more for their music with sync royalties and at RouteNote we’re here to help artists earn all of the royalties that they’re entitled to. Sync Royalties are generated…

Music Publishing Terms – A Glossary

Getting into the world of music publishing? Here are the definitions to the most common terms used in music publishing so that you’re never lost whether you’re looking at sync licenses, the many types of…

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 27th August, 2021: 12 fresh tracks in 4 huge playlists to suit every mood

We have four smoking hot playlists for you with fresh new tracks for every occassion whether your weekend is going to be a non-stop party or a low-key, chilled out affair. We’ve got the musical…