TikTok continue to test a new Repost/Recommend feature, letting you share a video to all of your friends with just a couple of taps.

Last month, some users noticed a new Repost option in TikTok’s share menu. Continually being tested by TikTok, it now seems TikTok may be changing the name to Recommend. While TikTok are yet to announce how the feature works, it seems to operate similarly to how the previously tested Repost feature worked, with your recommended videos appearing in your friend’s For You page. This new feature could prove a great way to share videos with friends and boost the creator’s metrics.

How to Recommend/Repost videos

  1. Tap the share arrow icon in the lower right corner
  2. Tap the yellow Recommend/Repost icon
  3. Add an optional “thought” in the box, then tap Add

Your friends who come across the recommended video will see who shared it and the message.

To remove your recommendation and message, simply tap the message, tap Remove recommendation, then Remove.

TikTok are yet to fully launch the feature, as it appears as ‘Recommend’ and ‘Repost’ on the two phones tested.

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