Image Credit: Matt Navarra

The new feature could introduce a new ‘tagged videos’ menu in TikTok profiles, but will this change affect the short-form video app?

Social media consultant and industry commentator Matt Navarra shared the screenshot on Twitter, showing a new “Tag people” option in the screen before posting a new TikTok video. The screenshot shows a prompt saying “people you tag are visible to anyone who can watch this video” and “you can edit tagged people after the video is posted. People you tag can also remove themselves.”

While you could previously “@mention” other users in the caption, this would only notify them and not form any collection of tagged videos. We’re not sure how tagged videos will appear on your profile, but I’d imagine a similar tab as on Instagram.

This may seem like an overdue feature that competitors have had for years, however TikTok’s primary viewing takes place on the For You feed, rather than other social media platforms that are centred around viewing content from those you follow/like/subscribe to. As very few interactions happen on a profile or in the Following feed, the need for tagging others has been limited. That being said, it would certainly be a nice feature to have for those looking to consume all of the content from one creator, even if not posted by them.

The feature is still in testing and there’s no word from TikTok on when or if this feature will roll-out to all users.

Instagram recently launched a new Collab feature that allows a single post or Reel to be shared among two accounts, sharing the likes and comments across the post.

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