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We spoke to electronic dance music artist Nightcore about getting Spotify followers, the art of remixing other artists, and social media marketing for musicians.

We’re celebrating dance music artist Nightcore, who has just reached the massive milestone of one million Spotify followers.

Releasing their songs through RouteNote, as an artist Nightcore makes fast, exciting songs for tearing up highways or hitting the dancefloor.

Their remixes are nightcore edits, which are hectic, sped-up trance versions of popular tracks with high-pitched vocals.

The original songs, meanwhile, are catchy as well as electrifying.

We spoke to Nightcore after their million Spotify followers achievement, to learn a little more about the magic formula that makes good nightcore songs.

How do you feel about hitting a million followers on Spotify? Are milestones like this one something that motivate you, or do you try not to obsess over statistics too much?

Nightcore: I try not to look at numbers as I mostly enjoy finding tracks that are going to appeal to my audience, but yeah, seeing how many people continue to follow us is really motivating!

I think that people love how much time I take to put content out now, I really enjoy showing our audience what I can make. With every release I try to suit what they want to hear.

You’ve had a bit of a revamp on social media lately!

Haha, yeah I have, haven’t I? I think up until recently, I’ve been so focused on just putting out music, I’ve kind of neglected my social media presence. Social media is a huge platform for growth for any artist. These days, especially for smaller, independent artists, it’s the only way to get yourself heard.

I’ve tried to update my social content to have a mix of the older stuff I’m known for, but also adding in some newer stuff that is more current and that I think fits with the vibe I’m going for!

Do you think there’s more freedom not being signed to a major label?

I think both have their advantages, being signed to a major label takes away a lot of stress when it comes to getting your music heard by people. That being said, if you have the drive and determination to go unsigned, I would always suggest it. You get a lot more creative freedom when it comes to what you release.

I wouldn’t be able to experiment as much as I do if I was signed to a big-name label. A lot of my deeper cuts would get swept under the rug I think.

How do you choose which songs to remix?

From now on I’m trying to release original content that hasn’t been done before and collaborate with other artists, I’m still remixing tracks you all love though! I tend to get inspiration from Tobu, Axero and Alan Walker.

What about original new nightcore songs – do you listen to other tracks to get inspired?

When I’m looking at making a new track, I actually try to avoid listening to nightcore as much as possible. I like to draw inspiration from a variety of other genres that you don’t tend to see mixed with nightcore.

I like to challenge myself by experimenting with stuff out of the norm. For example, a couple of the tracks I’m currently working on have drawn deep inspiration from rock & metal music, I think that those genres are really fun to mess around with.

When songwriting, do you start with a melody or lyrics first?

I tend to start with the melody first, as I find that is what sets many nightcore artists apart. Everyone can throw in some vocals to a track, but I feel what draws people to my music so much is the variety of melodies I work with.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to unsigned artists releasing music through a distributor like RouteNote?

I think companies like RouteNote are great for the music industry, they take away a lot of the hassle that comes with being an independent artist and that means I have more time to focus on creating my music. Having someone who distributes all my tracks for me, and handles any royalty payments when they’re needed, is great.

There’s a reason I’ve worked so closely with RouteNote for so long. They’re a great group of people to work with and I strongly urge any up-and-coming artists, regardless of the music you make, to give their services a try. They’ve really helped me grow as an artist a hell of a lot.

What’s next for Nightcore?

In regards as to what is next for me, I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that I am working to collaborate with some artists from all different genres, some of the tracks I put together sound really sick, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear my new material.

I’m trying to use 2022 to grow myself as an artist, and for me, that means pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and trying something brand new, and I know people are going to love it.

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