Top 10 all-time most-liked TikTok videos in 2021

Here are the all-time top ten most-liked videos around the world on TikTok, ranging from 25 to 48 million likes.

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1. Bella Poarch – To the 🐝 🐝 🐝 #fyp

47.3 million likes

Uploaded 17 August 2020

2. Franek Bielak – 😳This is one of my best drawings #dlaciebie #tiktokart #drawing #fyp

44.4 million likes

Uploaded 28 December 2020

3. BILLIE EILISH – #TimeWarpScan

36.2 million likes

Uploaded 11 November 2020

4. Nick Luciano – And no it’s not a green screen. 😂 run it up! #nickluciano #sugarcrush

36.5 million likes

Uploaded 23 February 2021

5. British Promise Cats – Repost 😇 #catsoftiktok #viral #funny #cute #cutness #foryoupage

34.3 million likes

Uploaded 17 June 2020

6. Neep Fam – #foryou #baby

33.4 million likes

Uploaded 2 December 2020

7. Jordy 🔥😍💛 – Wait for the wave to hit the camera 🤯😍🔥…. #ocean #satisfying #gopro #australia #natureathome #heapsgood #amazing

27.7 million likes

Uploaded 22 May 2020

8. NastyNaz – 😞 He Was Watching Him Eat , While He Was Hungry 🥺! So I Invited Him In And Gave Him Food 🙏❤️ He Was HAPPY 😍 #foryou #give #homeless @itsavage

26.2 million likes

Uploaded 2 January 2020

9. Debby Ryan – the president said to make a tiktok… #whatidwear

25.8 million likes

Uploaded 3 August 2020

10. Michael Le – its official: we are the CEO’s of this sound🤷‍♂️🔥 @justjonathan14

25.6 million likes

Uploaded 11 March 2020

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