Ensuring your music comes in and out at the perfect points to match your short video can be key to a smooth overall TikTok.

Short-form social video app, TikTok has many built-in editing features to make your video standout. Adding a song and choosing the section of audio that plays is super easy.

  1. Tap the + icon at the bottom to create a new TikTok
  2. Take or upload a video
  3. Tap Sounds in the bottom left corner
  4. Browse or search for a song
  5. Tap the small scissors icon to the right of the Sounds page
  6. Drag the waveform to your desired start point. Once you’ve got the perfect portion playing, tap the tick in the bottom right corner to confirm.
  7. Finally it’s just a case of making any final edits to the TikTok before tapping Next and Post to publish your new master piece.

Did you know you can easily upload your own music to TikTok for free and earn revenue every time one of your songs is used?