Today Twitter released a new feature for it’s popular, six-second video looping application Vine, which is focuses more on the audio, in particular the music, of Vines. The new feature is aptly named ‘Music on Vine’.

What this means is that users creating videos on iOS and Android for Vine have more control over their content with the ability to add music to their video. Twitter says that this implementation will help users to discover and create music on their video sharing service.

One of Vine’s unique features was that posts loop from the beginning immediately after ending. This allowed certain, ‘talented’ Vine creators to create a perfect loop of audio that linked seamlessly from finish to start. Vine are now introducing Snap to Beat, a feature that will aid you in creating perfect loops for your Vines.

This all works by tapping the music note in the details screen and then Snap to Beat will identify how much of the song it needs to use to make a seamless loop and will automatically trim your video so that it fits that clip. You can watch a Vine (of course) below that shows how it works.

Seamless looping is just one of the new features in Twitter’s ambitious Music on Vine venture. You can also edit audio seperately to the video by turning off Snap to Beat so you can decide how much sound to include and what part of that sound you want.

Now for on of the most interesting new features being introduced to Vine; Music Discovery. Vine will now include a Featured Tracks section where you can explore featured songs and recently added tracks to Vine. When creating a Vine and tapping the music note to add a song/audio you will see the Featured Tracks section from which you can add songs to your own Vine.

Now for the final new feature to come with Music on Vine; when you are watching a Vine that has used a song to accompany it you can tap the music note button to see what track is being used, eliminating the frustration of relying on Vine creators to respond with what track they used.

It will be interesting to see how much of an impact Music on Vine has on the Vine community and especially the music industry as Vine say that to “bring Vine’s influence on music to life” they have worked with Billboard, the music chart company to add Vine to the Billboard Social 50 Chart. With more than 200 million people watching vines every month this could be a significant introduction.

Music on Vine is up right now on Vine, available for iOS and Android. Find out more at