How to use TikTok: Make money from videos and upload music

Get your music on TikTok and make it as a viral star of short videos on the world’s new favourite social media app.

How to put a song on Spotify

Getting your music on Spotify and other music streaming services is not only easy but also free when you distribute through RouteNote.

Get unlimited music releases for free

Want to put your music on Spotify for free? Here’s now you can get unlimited track releases to streaming services – without it costing you a penny.

How do music distribution companies work?

Music distribution companies take the music you send them and pass it on to online stores and streaming services.

The easiest way to upload your music to Spotify

Uploading music to many different stores and streaming services couldn’t be easier with RouteNote, better still, it’s free!

How to earn royalties from your existing music on SoundCloud for free

Our SoundCloud Network allows anyone to easily monetize their music and start collecting revenue for each play.

How to create new releases on RouteNote

RouteNote can help you upload your music to stores and streaming service for free, to share you music worldwide and start earning revenue.

What’s an EP and what does EP stand for?

While there is no standardised rule for how many tracks constitute an EP, it is important to know how many tracks we consider an EP for RouteNote Premium users. In the music industry, EP stands…

Can I upload my music to Spotify? Yes, and it’s free

Sign up to a free account at RouteNote you can distribute your music to Spotify and all of the other biggest stores and streaming services and make money from every play and download. Free distribution to over 25 of the world’s biggest streaming services and download stores Monthly statistics give you deep insights into your music’s performance and earnings…

Can I upload music with samples online?

Sampling is basically it’s own instrument and is a vital key in making a lot of producers and beatmakers music what it is. But can you upload music with samples to Spotify, Apple Music, and…