Image credit: Lukas Blazek

Utilising your analytics on the short form video platform is extremely important for creators, here are where and how to monitor them.

Like any social media platform, TikTok is incredibly algorithm-focused, finding out how to view and utilise these can help boost your reach and manage your success on the platform. Luckily, there is a variety of tools that can help you find these analytics. 

TikTok thrives on data and is driven by machine learning and a technical algorithm. So, understanding this and being able to track this can help you improve the performance of your content. 

Here are some of the best platforms for TikTok analytics: 

TikTok Pro Account 

If you have a pro account then you will be able to view your TikTok analytics via your own account. Your data dashboard will be split into three main categories: 




Each tab will have extra information and you’ll be able to video views, profile views, follower count, and follow demographics in terms of gender and geography. 

Getting a pro account is easily done. All you need to do is switch to a pro account, go to your privacy settings, click “manage my account” and then “Switch to Pro Account” at the bottom. 


Pentos is the only platform that allows you to track campaigns based on songs and videos as opposed to just users of hashtags. The date isn’t real-time but its analytics do revolve around songs and actual content, making ideal for musicians. 

Melody Socials 

Melody Socials allows you to search similar profiles based on your submitted criteria. It also provides updates in real-time, meaning you will have access to the most up-to-date information possible. This allows you to view a profile with similar content and see how they are performing compared to you, you will also be able to view their hashtags and more. This data allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t within your category of content. 

If you’re wanting a deeper look into your analytics then is the one for you. Here you’ll be able to analyse any public TikTok profile or hashtag to see how you are doing in comparison to your competition. 

Metrics you’ll be able to view are:

Engagement Rate, Like Rate, and Comment Rate

Posting Activity and Audience Engagement

Most Used Caption Words and Most Used Hashtags 

Top Tags and Mentions 

Posts with Highest Engagement, Most Likes, and Most Comments


Exolyt is great for those looking to track campaigns on the platform against competitors on TikTok. This tool is primarily used by influencers and marketing managers, giving you a deep look into exactly how others are performing on the platform. You will have a side-by-side analysis of all your data vs other accounts. 

To Conclude 

It’s pretty safe to say that TikTok is here to stay and success as a musician can be found on the app. These tools should help you find the data you need to help improve your content whilst monitoring how well it’s doing. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is invaluable to any creator on the platform, or any social media platform for that matter.