Why is Tencent’s WeSing karaoke platform so popular in Asia?

WeSing, from Chinese technology conglomerate Tencent, is a social karaoke app, thriving as many KTV venues around Asia close during the pandemic.

Karaoke is popular in all forms and among all ages in China. The Chinese Government’s 2019 China Music Industry Development Report valued the karaoke sector at RMB 101.07bn ($14.8bn), up 12.3% year-on-year, partially helped by the growth of online karaoke platforms such as WeSing.

With karaoke bars closed around the world during the pandemic, WeSing is providing Asian users with the next best thing. Known as K Song in China, WeSing is also available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. WeSing represents 77% of all online karaoke users in China and is especially popular among a younger, wealthier demographic living in major cities. 50.3% of users are between 25-29 years old.

WeSing is a free app on iPhone and Android with millions of instrumental covers of top songs, allowing you to easily record your vocals, add filters and effects, and share privately or with friends. Online karaoke platforms remove the public embarrassment aspect and gives users the option of re-recording/tweaking their performances. Social elements helps users connect and sing with friends, with virtual communities around favourite songs, ice-breaker games and group chat functions. Occasionally even connecting you to sing with superstar artists.

Tencent reported 1.6 million users tuned into their livestreamed concert on K Song that featured 50 popular artists performing on the virtual stage.

Download on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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    The problem with WeSing is even other members harass you, bully you and post vulgar pictures on their account and you report this to WeSing admin, they won’t care. They won’t even check. Yes, it’s a free app but people can bully you right in this app. They can even photoshop your pictures, will create accounts and post your pictures right there and as usual WeSing won’t care even you report the account holder many times over. And this app is full of sh*tty people. I think you can even create an anonymous account in this app and sell drugs and the admin won’t even care. So I hope this message will reach the Chinese who created this app. So Hey, check the reports will you??!!

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