With RouteNote you can distribute and monetize your music to all of the top music stores and services in China through Kanjian and it’s completely FREE to upload your music.

Kanjian is the largest home to independent music in the entire Asian continent, working with over 300 stores, 100k organizations and 1 million creators. Whilst you may know that you can use RouteNote to distribute your music to major stores like Apple Music, Spotify and TIDAL for free you might not know that there is a giant music market in Asia you’re missing out on.

With a population of over a billion, China’s potential audiences should never be underestimated. Some of the stores you can distribute to through Kanjian with us have over 800 million users. Yes that’s over 800 million people who could be listening to your music on just one service!

In comparison, the massively popular Spotify has around 400 million users including and free and Premium.

routenote stores distribution

So what are you waiting for, join RouteNote for free today and open your music up to over 1 billion people through all of these Chinese stores:

  • B612
  • Bilibili
  • Changba
  • Wo Music (China Unicom)
  • Chunghwa Mobile
  • Discjam
  • Douban Music
  • Dragonfly FM
  • Echo
  • FETnet
  • Himalayan FM
  • Huawei Music
  • iFeng
  • Jeou Tai
  • Jinli Music
  • Kanjian Music
  • Koala FM
  • Kuaishou
  • Kuyin Ringtone
  • Lenovo Music
  • Lenovo Sound
  • Lequ Music
  • Lizhi FM
  • Love Music (China Telecom)
  • Lychee FM
  • MGTV
  • Migu Music (China Mobile)
  • T-Star
  • Taihe/Baidu Music
  • TaiHua
  • Taiwan Mobile
  • TingTing FM
  • Tuzhan
  • Ucmba
  • Walkgame
  • Weibo Music
  • Xiaomi Music
  • Xiaoying
  • Xiumi
  • Xiutang
  • Yiqixiu

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