Our partners at PUSH.fm offer free marketing tools. Possibly their most popular being Smart Links. As a musician you can use this tool to create a Fan Link. Combining your store links into one, customised and easy to access landing page.

As an artist, it can be difficult to promote your latest release across multiple stores. Having to share different links for different platforms isn’t as easy as it sounds. Marketing becomes a full-time job. However, you don’t have the time, because your music can’t create itself. This is where our partners PUSH.fm are really helpful. They offer a variety of tools which can help make marketing your music a lot easier!

A Smart Link is possibly the most popular tool they have. This is because it’s one URL that contains multiple links within it. You can customise your link and choose from multiple templates they offer. As an artist, you’ll want to take a look at their Fan Link option. This could not only make marketing your music easier, but also help you reach new audiences!

What is a Smart Link?

A Smart Link is a customisable landing page for your URLs. It’s a place to share any links you want, all under one digital housing system. As a musician, you’ll have multiple streaming store links you want to share with your fans.

These can all be collected into one place. Meaning your fans have easy access to all the content you have to offer. You can include your social media accounts, so they have a direct link to follow you. PUSH.fm offer 7 different Smart Link templates. The most popular for artists is the Fan Link option.

Also, you have the option to add your own artwork. If you don’t want to stick with your album cover, you can switch up the artwork and add in some artist images instead. You can set your own logos, choose a title for your link and also add in a description explaining the ideas behind your work if you wish.

There are 7 template options you can choose from when creating yourself a Smart Link. It’s likely as a musician you’ll opt for a Fan Link, however we’re going to touch upon all the options available to you and what you might decide to use them for.

Possibly the most popular Smart Link option. It is designed for musicians to promote their music in a smooth and sleek way. Within a Fan Link you’ll find various streaming platform links. Following these will take you to an artist’s track(s) within that store.

You’ll also likely find their social media accounts. Meaning your fans can support you in more ways than just listening to your music. They’re a brilliant promotional tool, giving your audience the chance to choose their preferred store without you having to supply multiple links.

Fan Link example on both a laptop (right) and by itself (left).

A Podcast Link allows you to combine all your past and present Podcasts into one hub. If you’re someone who uploads your content to more than one location, you can include all relevant links in one place.

That way, your listeners can select the store that suits them and their listening habits. Podcast Links become your promotional tool. Use them to advertise your work across social media channels. Share your link and attract a wider audience.

Podcast Link example, zooming in on the store selection

Place all event information into one easily accessible URL. Add your website, links to purchase tickets and any event promotion. If you’ve got videos and photos of past events you’ve hosted, direct your audience to a web page where they can see for themselves what they’ll be missing out on.

Planning an event can be stressful enough, but with an Event Link everything is in one place. You won’t have potential customers messaging you for various resources because they can find everything they need through your URL. Consider adding in an FAQ section to your website and linking it into your landing page.

Event Link example. Blurred dark background. In the foreground is someone holding a phone showing the Event Link.

If you’re a content creator who often goes live across various platforms, you can make the process a lot easier. Rather than losing potential viewers by spreading your links at the time of going live, why not prepare ahead. Share links prior to your live stream. Show your audience where they’ll be able to find you at a set time.

Link up your streaming URLs with your social media accounts. Allow your audience to follow your relevant profiles ahead of time, and they’ll then be prepared for your event. Place your Live Stream Link into your social media bios and your followers can easily find your content.

Person holding their phone, showing a Live Stream Link

An E-commerce Link is one for all small businesses and creators out there. If you have a product to sell, this type of Smart Link is the one for you. You’re able to place store links, along with your promotional material under one URL.

Allowing you to advertise through media such as Instagram who only allow one link per bio. Your audience can head to your E-commerce Link and be met with the various stores where they’ll find your products, along with social media accounts they can follow to learn more about you.

E-commerce Link example on both a tablet and smartphone

A Bio Link is possibly one of the other favoured links. Why? Because it combines all your information into your social media bios. Platforms such as Instagram or TikTok only allow one link per bio, so this is an easy way around that rule.

Under one URL you add everything needed. Perhaps other social media links, or an important cause you want your followers to see. You might add in a link to your YouTube channel if you’re an influencer who creates video content. Bio Links are completely adaptable to your needs.

Laptop at an angle showing a Bio Link example

This template allows you to be completely creative with your links. You can design a URL from scratch and there are no requirements within this template option. A Custom Link is the only Smart Link option that doesn’t require text.

Adding a link title is optional. You can upload artwork along with your links and no other context. There’s an option to add a title and description, but neither is compulsory. It’s the most flexible Smart Link choice. Possible uses? Digital portfolios, estate agent listings, food delivery services, recipe links – the list is endless!

Laptop showing Portfolio Link example. Zoomed in on the description and personalised logo buttons

The best option for RouteNote users is to choose the Fan Link template. It will allow you to place all of your store links into one easy and accessible location. All you need to do is upload one link or your UPC to PUSH.fm and their auto-lookup tool will do the rest.

From just one store link/UPC, their system will find all other stores where your release appears. Depending on your preference, you can turn stores on and off. Once your release has gone live in stores, you can get to work creating your Fan Link.

GIF showing how to create a Fan Link

You can stick with the store logos, or create your own. If you have branding that is really specific to you as an artist, perhaps you want your store links to match. If this is the case, you can simply remove the current logo and upload your own.

You’re also able to edit the call-to-action buttons. So, if you want them to say something other than listen, or subscribe – go for it! Create a landing page that represents who you are in the music world. Remember though, your release must be live before you create a Fan Link!

If you choose to input your Spotify link into the auto-lookup tool rather than your UPC, you can access music previews. With the simple click of a button, you can include a Spotify music preview to your Fan Link. Allow your fans to hear a sneak peek of your track before streaming the full thing!

Example of Spotify preview within PUSH features.

If you haven’t already, head over to PUSH to create your completely free account. To do this, simply click the sign-up button located on the right-hand side of the page. Enter your details, and you will be emailed to confirm your account.

Once you have an account, and you’re ready to go – you can start creating. Here’s how:

Stream source selection page GIF

In the top left-hand corner, you’ll see a pink Create New Link button. Click this and select Smart Link. From there, choose the type of link you want to create. Here we’re showing you how a Fan Link is made.

You’ll need to enter either one of your store links or your UPC to get started. From here, the auto-lookup tool will find all other stores where your release is located.

PUSH example of UPC within the auto-lookup tool

Adding your UPC means you bypass the stage of waiting for your store links. Their system will do this for you. As soon as your release is live, you can head over and place your UPC into the search bar to get started.

Release details stage GIF

The next stage is adding in all of your release details. Your release title and artwork will have automatically been picked up. However, you can change them if you wish.

Add a description if you feel your link needs one. You can always see a preview on the right-hand side, so you know what your landing page will look like.

Adding links into your Smart Link GIF

From here, you’ll need to pick your stores. All available stores will be selected. You can choose to toggle them on or off as you wish.

You can also reorder your links by simply dragging one store above another until you feel your landing page looks right.

Add in your social media accounts here if you wish for them to be included within your link. Change any logos or call-to-action buttons.

Check your link over to make sure everything looks correct and give your link a title – this one will be just for your eyes only. It can help you group your links if this is something you’re looking to do. Then, when you’re ready, you can launch it!

Your link will be live straight away, which is why it’s important you have fully reviewed your URLs and double-checked you’re happy with how everything looks. Links can be edited at a later stage, but you don’t want to direct your fans to the wrong locations.

There are a couple of different ways you can find your statistics and analytics. You can see how your campaigns are performing and which of your campaigns are your highest achievers. This can help you discover where your audience’s interests lie and what style of link they prefer.

Moving forward you can use this to your advantage. When creating any future links, you can build upon your previous statistics and create a Fan Link you know your audience will enjoy. Here’s how to easily find your statistics and how to understand them.

Smart Link statistics overview

If you head into your PUSH account and look at the toolbar on the left-hand side, you will see the Smart Link section. Click there, and you’ll be taken to your discography of Smart Links. At the top of the page, you will be able to see all campaign statistics overall.

This will show; how many campaigns you have, how many you have created over the last 12 months, your total link visits, your total visits within the last 12 months, total conversions and total conversion within 12 months.

What do each of these mean?

Total campaigns is the amount of campaigns you currently have. Likewise, the last 12 months refer to how many campaigns you have created within the last year. The section with total visits relates to how many times people have clicked on your Smart Links.

So, if someone has visited your Fan Link which is located in your Instagram bio, it will count towards this section. Again, the last 12 months refers to the past year of people visiting your links. However, conversions are possibly the most interesting ones to musicians. These relate to how many actions have been taken through people clicking on your links.

Someone clicking on your Fan Link, and from there, heading to your Spotify account to listen to your music, will count as a conversion. The last 12 months section shows you how many people have followed your links further than your landing page within the past year.

Smart Link Performance overview

Smart Links Performance relates to how all of your Smart Links are doing overall. The total number of conversions and visits will be displayed. This is of all time.

So, any link you currently have will be included within this total. It appears on your dashboard which is the page you first see when you log into your account.

At the bottom of your dashboard you will see your Top Performing Campaigns. This section is split between each product that PUSH offer, so you will see your Smart Links separate from your Pre-saves for example.

These analytics allow you to see how successful each of your Smart Links have been. As a musician, this is really valuable. You can see what works and what hasn’t. Then, moving forward you know what your audience want to see.

There’s more to PUSH.fm. Find out all there is to know here!

Smart Links are tools all creators should start using. With PUSH.fm, they’re free and unlimited. Meaning you can promote yourself effectively at no cost. Fan Links are the perfect tool for any artist wanting to grow their streams. As they can be completely customised and updated at any stage, they will never become outdated. Try them for yourself at PUSH.fm!