RouteNote’s partner have introduced a new free feature which allows you to sell your music through customisable links. Once your audience have bought your content, they can download it instantly.

Create your own Pay Links for free by signing up to If you need any help with your account, or the Pay Link process, contact their Support Team at

Pay Links are sharable landing pages, just like Fan Links. However rather than streaming, you can sell your content instead. You can sell any digital file through this feature; exclusive tracks, samples, acapellas, VST pre-sets – you name it!

When you create a Pay Link, you can share it like any other URL. Once your fans have bought your content either via card or PayPal, they can download it any time they like.

Create as many Pay Links as you need; they’re so simple to make, and you don’t need any background in e-commerce to be successful.

What is a Pay Link?

Pay Links are sharable landing pages that can be customised to represent you as an artist. You can see instant-access digital files. These files can be for anything you want. Providing it can be downloaded digitally. You cannot promote physical items or services through Pay Links.

There is no limit on the digital items you could sell. As a musician, you might want to sell the download to your latest track. Or perhaps you want to sell some artist images. You might have some unique artwork designs that represent your artist brand. Perhaps you want to sell these to your fans. Pay Links example

Share anything from samples, to vocal packs. You get to decide what parts of your work are sold. Some you might keep behind. If your music is already in streaming stores, maybe you don’t want to sell the full track, but you might want to sell small snippets of it.

Your fans will pay for the download. This money will then be transferred into your account. You can withdraw your earnings by requesting a cashout. It couldn’t be easier to earn extra cash through selling content with Pay Links.

What could you sell through a Pay Link?

As a musician you have access to so many downloadable files. There are endless ways you could make money from your craft. Your fans support you in any way they can, so why wouldn’t they purchase your Pay Link? After all, for them, it’s a one time purchase.

Here are several ways you can earn as a musician through Pay Links:

  • Samples
  • Full songs
  • Vocals
  • Artwork
  • Acapellas
  • Lyrics
  • Behind the scenes videos

These are just a few of the options available to you. Providing it’s digital, and it belongs to you, there isn’t much you can’t sell through Pay Links. Not only do they help make you extra money, but they can expand your audience. Perhaps potential listeners will download your work to try things out.

You can create as many links as you need. Create Pay Links for every track you want to sell. Or, personalise links to collaborators. By keeping payments within PUSH and not trying to sort it all privately, you’re guaranteed your payment, without the opportunity for foul play or being scammed.

Important things to note

Pay Links are a free tool. You will need to have an account with them to be able to use this feature. Creating an account is also free, and they have a lot of other tools to offer. By using a Pay Link you are agreeing to sell your products for instant download.

Therefore, you will not be able to set up a Pay Link if you do not have something to sell currently. You can sell any type of file you want. However, only one file can be added per link. If you want to sell multiple files, you will need to create a different Pay Link for each.

Or, alternatively, if you’re trying to sell an album with all songs together, you can zip these files together. If you attach all files under one zip, you can then upload this to your Pay Link. This is one way to sell multiple products under one link. You cannot upload different individual files under one link.

If you’re using a free account, you will only have 1GB of storage. All Pay Links will have to come under this storage. If you need more space, you will need to upgrade for $5 a month. Then, you will have access to 50GB of storage. PUSH does not charge for Pay Links, however, they do take a cut.

PUSH Pay Link Example

PUSH fees does not charge for Pay Links, however, they do take a cut:

As well as PUSH fees, payment processing fees will also occur

Earnings will be sent to your balance 7 days after the sales occur. Once you hit the $50 threshold, you can request a payout. All payouts are sent on the 15th of the month. So, if you request your payout on the 10th of the month, you will receive it that month. However, if you request on the 17th, you will have to wait for the following payout month.

Buyers can purchase using either PayPal or card. This won’t affect your payout options. It simply offers your fans different ways to pay for your products. They will see the options appear when they click on the Pay Link and follow the instructions to buy your products.

To get started, you will need a account. Once you have one set up and ready to go, you can head over to your toolbar on the left-hand side and choose Pay Link. You’ll need to input the file you’re selling, along with creating a URL and link name.

Set a price for your link, and add in customisation feature such as a description, Feature Image and even a Background Image if you’ve upgraded your account. For any further questions, please drop their support team a message and they will get back to you ASAP!