Top 25 most popular social media platforms – the platforms with the most monthly active users around the world

Marketing firm Semrush have shared an infographic with the most popular social media platforms and various other insights gathered over 2021.

Tencent launches new partnership bringing QQ Music to Audi cars

Owners of equipped Audi vehicles will be able to stream QQ music and access other services from Tencent without taking their hands off the wheel.

Free music distribution for Chinese artists

RouteNote operate worldwide, publishing artists and labels, large and small, to stores and streaming service around the world.

Alibaba owned music streaming service Xiami Music is shutting down

Launched in 2008, Alibaba have announced they will be shutting down their Chinese music streaming service Xiami Music in February.

Universal sign deals with Chinese companies Tencent and NetEase

Universal sign two deals with major companies Tencent and NetEase, showing a positive move towards fairness for streaming in China. Universal have signed deals with two Chinese companies, massive in the online streaming market. Chinese…

Tencent’s Incentive Project pays out over $84m to indie artists

Tencent Music Entertainment has announced it has paid out 590 million yuan (over $84 million) to indie artists in their Tencent Musician Program. Tencent Musician is the online service that promotes emerging independent artists on TME…

How to transfer your playlists and music library between streaming services

If you want to move to a different streaming service without losing your precious music collection and long-crafted playlists then thankfully there is a solution! You may be dedicated to a streaming service for years…

Tencent have gained 50% more paying users in the last year with 657m total users

Tencent’s latest report shows paying users are growing steadily converting more of their almost 700 million users than last year to pay for music. Chinese music streaming company Tencent Music are behind some of China’s…

Netease Cloud Music just licensed over 1 million Warner tracks for nearly 1 billion users

The huge Chinese music streaming platform has just gained the rights to a huge catalogue of music from Warner Chappell. NetEase Cloud Music is a giant in the music streaming landscape. With over 800 million…

Tencent have just made an undisclosed investment in another Chinese music company

Tencent have made a new equity investment in another Chinese music-for-business company with the potential to take a controlling stake.  Tencent Music Entertainement are the Chinese company behind China’s biggest music services QQ Music, Kugou,…