Chinese entertainment company Tencent sign a deal with Thailand company GMM Grammy to cross-promote each other’s content in their respective countries.

Tencent Music’s partnership with GMM Grammy hopes to discover and promote musicians from respective countries. Tencent will publish GMM artists’ music across their Chinese music streaming platforms including QQ Music, Kuwo Music and KuGou. Tencent hopes to push their karaoke platform WeSing to Thailand.

GMM hold 15 record labels, two digital television channels, several radio stations and much more, representing a 70% share of the Thai entertainment industry. They promote live music and other crowd-based events in Bangkok’s 48,000 square-foot concert hall, GMM Live House.

Tencent also recently renewed their partnership with Universal Music Group and launched a new joint venture record label.

Find Tencent Music’s impressive Q2 performance here.

Despite recent partnerships and great performance, Tencent’s stock continues to drop since Trump signed an executive order banning Tencent-owned messaging service WeChat in the US.