Both you and your fans come out on top with Reward Links. They get rewarded for their interaction, and you can grow as an artist!

Reward Links are the best way to help you and your fans. You can easily grow your artist name and your streams. Your fans get rewarded for their interaction. It’s a win-win. With RouteNote’s partners, – they’re completely free to create.

A digital unlimited tool. Allowing your fans to feel appreciated, while helping yourself grow too. Your fans can choose how they interact. However, you set the tasks. You also set the reward. So, you have full control over this marketing tool.

What is a Reward Link?

A Reward Link is a digital campaign, which rewards your fans for their interaction. You can set tasks which they must complete to access their freebie. As long as you can make it digital, you can reward your fans in any way you decide.

Choose from; digital downloads, unlocking a secret message or being directed to a hidden URL. These are the options you have when creating a Reward Link. Maybe you want your fans to download a bonus track, or perhaps a behind the scenes video of how you created your music.

Alternatively, you might decide to provide them with a discount code to buy your merchandise. Consider what you would like to receive as a fan, and allow yours to experience this. You have complete control over how many tasks they must complete to earn their reward.

You might want them to follow your Instagram, or Spotify account. If this is the case, set this as a compulsory task. But, if you’re a bit more lenient, you could include multiple tasks and say they must pick at least 1 in order to access the reward.

It’s your choice how many tasks they need to complete. Avoid adding too many compulsory tasks, otherwise you might put your fans off. If they don’t have a Spotify account, but you’re saying they have to follow you there, you’ll miss out on some potential interaction.

Reward Link in action example GIF

As a musician you might be wondering how best to utilise this marketing tool. There are many direction you could take. You first need to decide what you want to gain from your campaign, and from here you can then figure out what you want to give to your fans.

If you’re looking to grow your name across socials, you need to ensure you set your tasks accordingly. It might be a good idea to focus one campaign on socials only, rather than also mixing in streaming stores. You could make a second for this option.

Growing your name on social platforms could boost your audience, which in turn will bring in new listeners and encourage your current fans to share your content to their social profiles. It becomes a domino effect of people sharing your content.

However, another huge avenue artists could take would be driving their audience to stream their music. Ask people to listen to your tracks and follow you across your artist profiles. This will stand you more of a chance of being included in stores editorial playlists.

Having a handy link you can promote and share makes marketing your music a lot easier. Not only that, but you’re providing your audience with a digital reward, so they have more of a reason to involve themselves.

Creating a Reward Link is pretty easy. Before you start though, consider what you want to offer as a digital reward, and also, what tasks you want to include. This will make the process of creating your campaign much easier. Follow our step-by-step guide below.

Create Reward Link  - Choose Reward Type

Once logged into your account, head to the pink plus icon in the top left corner of your dashboard. From here, select Reward Link.

Create Reward Link  - Choose Reward Type

Select the type of Reward Link you want to create. Choose from; downloadable file, unlock a secret message, or unlock a secret URL.

Create Reward Link  - Basic Details

Now, add in your secret message, file or URL. To do this, head to the second page, labelled Upload Files and add in what you want your audience to receive.

Next, move onto Basic Details where you can add in an image, Reward Link title, and a description if you wish. You can also customise your URL here to make it personal.

Create Reward Link  - Select Actions

From here you need to decide what tasks you want to set. Attach your accounts for your audience to follow you. Then choose how many tasks must be completed and if any in particular are to be mandatory.

Create Reward Link  - Launch Reward Link

Once you’re happy with your Reward Link, you can publish it and start sharing your URL. Make sure it’s correct before launching it as it will be active immediately.

In the same way you’d find your other campaign statistics, you can find your Reward Link ones too. These analytics will allow you to see how well your links are performing. This might help you decide what to do differently next time, or, if your links are excelling, perhaps you’ll follow the same style again.

A good idea might be to try the different options for Reward Links to see how they compare. Then, you’ll know what your fans engage with the most and what they want from you. It will make marketing yourself as a musician much easier.

Reward Link statistics overview

By heading to your Reward Link section, you will see your statistics overview. To get here, simply click on the Reward Links button on the left-hand toolbar located within your dashboard.

You’ll see Total Campaigns which relates to how many campaigns you’ve ever created. Next to this it will display how many of these have been made within the past year.

Then you will see Total Visits and how many of these have been within the last 12 months. Total Visits related to how many times people have viewed your Reward Link(s).

Finally, you have conversions. Total Conversions shows how many people have followed through with your tasks. From start to finish, how many individuals have clicked your link and completed the tasks in order to collect their reward. Again you can see the 12-month breakdown too.

Top Performing Campaigns and Reward Link Performance overview

On your main dashboard, next to your other marketing campaign analytics, you will see your Reward Link statistics. Split into your overall performance and your top campaigns.

Your Reward Link performance shows how many people have unlocked your content. This is for all your Reward Links combined. So, if you have multiple links, their performance will be collected and shown as one statistic.

Toward the bottom of your dashboard, you will find your Top Performing Campaigns. The final section is for your Reward Links. Here broken down you’ll find a list of your best performing Reward Links.

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Reward Links are great tools that offer both you and your fans something. Using them can guarantee growth for you as an artist because everyone loves being rewarded for their efforts. You set the rules, your audience complete the tasks. From there, they get to access a secret file, link or message which they wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. It makes them feel appreciated and connected to you as an artist, while also benefitting you. Try’s tools for yourself!