Tencent’s Incentive Project pays out over $84m to indie artists

Tencent Music Entertainment has announced it has paid out 590 million yuan (over $84 million) to indie artists in their Tencent Musician Program.

Tencent Musician is the online service that promotes emerging independent artists on TME platforms including QQ Music, Kugou and Kuwo. The project was launched three years ago and provides indie artists with music publishing, marketing, data management, copyright management and professional training. Tencent Musicians has also streamed 50 live concerts to 8 million viewers.

“The One Hundred Million Yuan Incentive Project has opened up a new model for musicians to generate, or increase, their incomes via a variety of incentive methods.” Over 40% of musicians on the project have seen their incomes double, while more than 80% saw incomes rise by over 50%.

TME is building a comprehensive social community to connect and benefit users, record companies, and talented musicians. In addition to Tencent Musician, all of the other programs and platforms under TME cooperate with each other and third-party music labels to support different types of musicians, illustrating the openness and inclusiveness for original music.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group

Upload your music to Tencent Music, QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo and many more for free.

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