Get paid every time your music is used in Facebook videos and share your music with the world on Instagram Stories & Reels with free distribution through RouteNote.

At RouteNote we offer you free distribution to the world’s leading streaming services and stores. We work with Facebook to put your music in front of people the world on over on the world’s biggest social media sites.

Facebook Distribution

Distribute your music to Facebook for free and we’ll ensure that any time your music is used you’ll receive royalties for it.

Using Facebook’s Content ID system we can pick up any uses of the tracks you upload in videos all around the world. Facebook will send us the data each month so that we can ensure the proper earnings from these video are sent to you on behalf of the use of your music.

Instagram Stories & Reels

Our partnership with Facebook also means that we can put your music on the world’s favourite place for sharing images and videos.

Select Facebook with us and we can make your tracks available on Instagram Stories and their new short-form videos ‘Reels’. You’ll earn money every time your music is used and you could become a viral sensation as people start using your music as the soundtrack to their videos.

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