With more creators and events organisers turning to live streams this year than ever, Facebook adds purchasable tickets for audiences.

Facebook have added an option for people putting on livestreams on their platform to add ticketed access. This allows users to charge audience members the same as they would for events such as performances, seminars, sessions etc. and Facebook are waiving their own cut for the first year.

Ticketed events can be launched by any Facebook Page hosts across the 20 countries that meet Facebook’s partner monetisation policies. This includes the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil. You can find the full list here.

100% of the money spent on a ticket to a livestreamed event on Facebook will go to the host of that event until next year. However, – with Apple being Apple – purchases made through the Facebook app for iOS will have 30% of the transaction taken out and given to Apple.

The new free live-streaming option is huge for creators who have turned to the web as a way to connect, perform, and speak with audiences they’ve been disconnected from by Coronavirus. Facebook taking no cut for their first year will be very appealing to creators and may cause intense competition for platforms which charge.