Image Credit: Instagram

Meta’s new Facebook and Instagram Reels features are aimed at pros and novices alike, hoping to increase uploads and views.

Off the back of a wave of controversy and reversal on features, Meta announce a fresh batch of new features coming to Facebook and Instagram Reels. All features below are available now.

  • Add Yours on Reels – The popular Add Yours sticker on Stories is coming to Reels. An easy way for users to start or join trends, Add Yours is a great tool for inspiration. Creators of the trend will be attributed in the Reels, unless they decide to turn this off.
  • Facebook Reels Insights – Creators will now find more data on Facebook Reels performance in the Creator Studio. This includes people reached, plays, minutes viewed, average watch time, likes, comments and shares.
  • Star on Facebook Reels – Fans can now donate stars to Facebook Reels, opening a new monetization tool for creators.
  • Remix in Sequence – You can add your own video to the end, as well as side-by-side the original Reel.
  • Crosspost Reels – Much like on Stories, once you get to the Share screen of a Reel, you can choose to post to Facebook too, expanding your total reach.
  • Auto-Created Facebook Reels – Turn your Stories and memories into Reels with just a few taps. You choose the Stories from your achive, add music and share. I think this super easy feature could see uploads of Facebook Reels greatly increase.

While these new features are great for video creators, musicians listen up! RouteNote can upload your music to Facebook and Instagram for free, enabling the track in Stories and Reels, so you make money every time the track is used.